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The most important project for any parent is the birth and education of their child. From an early age, parents start to think about what kind of knowledge they should give to their and the best way to go about doing it. Start Up Festival is a unique project that offers the opportunity to deal with these problems while being assisted by professionals of pre-school education. Among participants there are not only professional psychologists and teachers, but the parents themselves. Start Up brings people together in order to discuss current problems, try to find solutions, and determine new trends in children’s education.

Special Projects


During the Festival you will get a massive amount of information from many different people. Where to go on vacation with your kids? Which clubs are for developing children's minds and which are purely for entertainment? You will find the review of private kindergartens and schools. You can also get consultation about issues such as children’s early development, children's fears, preparation for school, choosing and saying goodbye to a nanny, etc.


Moscow Pedagogical Marathon of school subjects – the Day of Pre-School Education – the 27th of April at Start Up.
The Professional Forum is the discussion area on child’s psychology and early development.


For three days the CHA turns into children’s recreation center, where children can choose activities according to their taste. Events will take place at the “Start Up” Workshops areas: "Playground", "Theatre Club", "Master Class 6 +", "Library-Cafe".